Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kicking a dog... now that's just mean cancer!

So you say Movember is a kind of cool idea, but meh, you don't really care. Your a busy fella, places to go, people to see. November 18th you're going to regret not taking part in Movember.

I was going to do a little history of Movember on here today to help educate people on what is going on (hint, it is pronounced Moe Vember not Move Ember so if you thought you had to move into a new place to take part you can stop packing). But this blog got an e-mail that I am going to share with you. Unedited.

"U should be ashemed! Mo Vember is all about fighting ending cancer!!! I hope u get cancer and die so u know what it feels to have cancer like everyone who has cancer!!! Men and women in Mo Vember are HEROES!!! U ass hole!!!"

Spelling and grammar aside (I am pretty sure that this individual does not want to fight against ending cancer. At least I think he is) I hope that at least some people out there have bothered to take the time to actually read beyond the blog addy and figured out what this blog is about.

Remember, if you would like to help donate to the fight against cancer just click HERE.

Come back tomorrow for the history of Movember.

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