Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The dangers of eating with a 'stache

Hello CBV Collections, 

 Please stop sending me collection notices. I am NOT Walter Mac Gillivray, and I have never been him. I have never lived with him. I have never met him. Judging by his ability to not pay his bills I'm sure he and I would not get along.

 I have phoned Bell Canada and e-mailed them telling them this many times when they kept sending me his bills. Now it seems to have gone to you, and I still am not Walter.

 My name is Kyle Murphy. I live at XXX . I live with one cat and one dog. Neither of them are named Walter.

 Walter's account numbers are XXX AND XXX.

 Again, not Walter (see signed name below)

 Kyle Murphy

 Just because I have a mustache at the moment does not mean I'm just going to lie down and accept other peoples bills! Take THAT Bell Canada and CBV Collections!

 So yesterday I made myself some Shahi Rajma (google it, it's food and quite yummy). I've been trying out all sorts of weird foods lately (somewhere out there, someone is looking at a grilled cheese sandwich and wondering what the hell is wrong with white people?) It turned out perfect and I ate every last bit of it. Then I was rather full so I went for a lie down. I woke up eventually to pee and noticed something in the bathroom (relax, this isn't one of THOSE posts). Some of the tomato sauce was in my mustache! Crusted to it! 

So after a quick shower I cleaned up all nice. Lesson learned for this coming weekend... shower after every meal!

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