Friday, November 4, 2011

Artificial Mutton Chops

My little history of Movember is going to be slightly delayed. Computer issues. So here I sit in a net cafe drinking a large black coffee, bringing you a photo of me and my hat. If you have been following this blog for the past 4 days you will have no doubt figured out that without my award winning mutton chops my face is freezing. Constantly. It's weird.

My mum bought me this hat for Christmas last year. I have been avoiding wearing it for almost a full year now (I'm sure you can figure out why). It hit me this morning that the flaps on it, when tied down can work as artificial mutton chops for me while I am doing this Movember thing. Yeah I may look ridiculous but my face is warm. 

Thanks mum!

Also I'd like to thank the women who donated to my Movember fund. $52 raised so far. You girls rock! Anyone else interested in donating to help me raise money to fight cancer please click HERE. Every penny counts! Also, if you'd like to pass this blog along through Facebook and Twitter and all the rest, please feel free.

My coffee is almost finished, so I'm going to head home and see if I can't just get my computer issues sorted.

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