Monday, November 5, 2012

Movember the trendy hipster thing.

Art by Graham Roumieu

It has been said that Movember is just a hipster fad, and stupid. “How does growing a moustache fight cancer?” It doesn't. Growing a moustache just makes you look silly. However when you decide to take part in Movemeber, and do it properly you CAN help fight cancer. Here is how...

When you register with you can take online donations that go to help fund the fight against cancer. You also have the opportunity to get posters and stickers that you can use to spread the word. You also have the ability to follow different links that give you information on men's health issues, information on fighting cancer, and a chance to network with other people taking part in Movember.

There seems to be a growing backlash against Movember which I do not really understand. Men traditionally do not talk much about health issues. Most men (myself included) seem to be of the mind where we will just “tough it out” and only see a doctor if something gets really bad. Are we hardwired to be this way? Is it society that makes us like this? A combination of both? I don't have a freaking clue. I do know that some people gave me a hard time when I said I was doing Movembver again until I pointed out I do this blog and actually do raise money (BTW, feel free to help me out with a little donation, link at the end of this post).

Yes Movember is a silly trend. But when it is done right it does help. We talk about women's cancer all year long (which is a good thing) with all sorts of “Fun Run” type things (although to misquote a line from Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy, “If I'm going to run, I'd better be being chased.”). Is it really so much to talk about men's health for one month?

Over the next few weeks you can expect more posts from me about different cancer treatments, is big pharma evil?, and maybe a story or 2 from cancer survivors. Plus the good folks at Movember send be a boatload of stuff that I'll be giving away for free. Maybe have some contest where I'll give away some stuff for the best drawing of a moustache.

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