Friday, November 2, 2012

I has a sad :(

 I'm going to show you 2 photos. A before and after. Me with my chops, and me right now.


See how happy I am? For the record I'm the less attractive one in the Agnostic Front shirt. The beautiful woman is my girlfriend, and she happens to love my mutton chops.

Now here is a photo of me right now.


Yeah, I look sad and alone. I'm still dating the same beautiful girl, and she fully supports my efforts to help raise some money to help fight cancer, but even she agrees that I look like a skinhead version of my grandfather (bless her kind and endless supply of  patience for putting up with me).

See my suffering? See it? That must be worth a few bucks right? Well you can chip in and donate a few right here at my Movember page. This way you know any donations are going to an actual good cause.

Come back tomorrow and read about how Movember is not just some stupid Hipster fad when you do it right.


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